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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Kuhn Sidajj shrine (Trial of Second Sight shrine quest) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Kuhn Sidajj's Blessing

How to find Kuhn Sidajj shrine: Kuhn Sidajj is located in northern Hyrule, in the Woodland Tower region. It is one of the forest trials offered in Kokiri Forest, and you can access it by heading along the trail leading southwest from the clearing, toward Lake Saria. The shrine only appears once you complete the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to solve the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest

  1. Meet with Zooki on a large boulder to initiate the quest.
  2. Head directly forward past where you met Zooki and look at the large tree, which has a boulder resting in its mouth.
  3. Activate your magnesis rune and you will see the boulder turn pink. You want to keep the rune activated throughout most of this quest, since it lets you see subsequent boulders (and those mark your way through the forest).
  4. Look left and spot another tree and boulder in the distance, which you should run to.
  5. Look right from there, to see a bunch of trees in that direction. Head forward through them and you will spot another boulder, slightly to the left and over a small rise.
  6. From that boulder, look just to the left and see another boulder.
  7. Climb to the top of that tree and activate magnesis again, then look off toward the right to spot the next boulder.
  8. Make your way to that boulder and look toward the right to see the first of two boulders resting in some trees.
  9. Head forward past the first boulder and then a second boulder.
  10. Ahead, you should see a clearing with a large boulder at its center, and a metallic object resting atop that boulder.
  11. Start toward the boulder and then fend off an attack from undead Bokoblin enemies.
  12. Check the item on the rock and find that it is a rusty shield. Don't grab it, however.
  13. Drop down and head to the base of a nearby tree to read a plaque that asks you to feed it the shield.
  14. Use magnesis to deposit the shield in the tree's mouth.
  15. In a nearby tree, a treasure chest drops into sight.
  16. Stand on the nearby dock and use magnesis to lift the chest out of the tree's mouth.
  17. Set the chest on the raft, just to the right.
  18. If you don't already have one in your possession, dive into the water on the left side of the dock to grab a Korok leaf.
  19. Hop on board the raft where you placed the treasure chest, and use the leaf to propel the raft to the island at the center of the lake.
  20. Using magnesis, place the chest on the shore.
  21. Use magnesis again to deposit the chest within the tree's mouth, as directed by the plaque.
  22. The Kuhn Sidajj shrine emerges from the ground, on the opposite side of the lake.

How to solve the Kuhn Sidajj shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Enter the shrine after clearing the Trial of Second Sight shrine quest.
  2. Head forward and open the treasure chest to obtain the Giant Ancient Core.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Kuhn Sidajj and collect your spirit orb.

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