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Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Qaza Tokki shrine (Trial on the Cliff shrine quest) location, treasure and puzzle solutions

Qaza Tokki's Blessing in North Lomei Labyrinth

How to find Qaza Tokki shrine: Qaza Tokki is located in northwestern Hyrule, in the Hebra Tower region. It's a long journey north on foot, from the Snowfield stable, or a shorter trek east from the Sha Gehma shrine. To enter the Qaza Tokki shrine, you'll first need to clear the accompanying Trial on the Cliff shrine quest and make your way through North Lomei Labyrinth. (Browse the gallery for the precise location.)

How to clear the Trial on the Cliff shrine quest and navigate North Lomei Labyrinth

  1. From the entrance, climb up the nearest wall. Doing so requires most of a secondary ring of stamina, or you'll need to use an item to refill your stamina.
  2. Run around on top of the maze walls, leaping from one to the next, until you reach the large square at the middle of the maze map. Check there to find a chest you can open for a diamond.
  3. Make your way to the east side of that large, square ceiling. Nearby, you can look down and see electric chuchu enemies in a cluster on ground level.
  4. User your paraglider to descend to a lower ledge, still positioned above those electric enemies. You should see the top of a ladder on one end of the platform.
  5. Head along that ledge, in the opposite direction of the ladder, to find stairs that ascend toward the upper left.
  6. Climb the stairs to reach the upper level of a wide, open room (you were on its roof a short time ago).
  7. Drop down to that room's lower level to find the shrine, which you are now free to activate and enter.

How to solve the Qaza Tokki shrine puzzles and find the treasure chests

  1. Enter the shrine after clearing the Trial on the Cliff shrine quest.
  2. Walk forward and open the treasure chest to obtain the Barbarian Leg Wraps.
  3. Head for the exit, meet Qaza Tokki and collect your spirit orb.

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