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The Flown the Coop side quest cuccos locations

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features many classic creatures that are deep parts of the series lore. Legendary among them are the cucco, the chickens of the Legend of Zelda universe.

If you’ve met Impa’s guard Cado in Kakariko Village, you probably received the Flown the Coop side quest.

This is the least exciting quest in the game, as you must scour the village for missing cuccos. Thankfully, we’ve listed all their locations below.

Where to find all the cuccos in Kakariko Village

While these descriptions aren’t perfect, the gallery above will help you too.

  • Next to Pikango and the pond with the goddess statue
  • On the roof of the clothing shop directly across from Cado’s coop
  • In front of a shed next to a campfire a little farther up the hill
  • On top of a shed-thing in the northeast corner of the town near the watermill
  • In Mellie’s plum garden. If she’s standing watch, you won’t be able to grab it — wait for her to leave (or sit by a fire until night).
  • In a shed on the south side of town
  • Near the apple tree just south of Tal’oh Naeg shrine on the north side of town

For more help with this game, check out our Breath of the Wild guide.

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