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Breath of the Wild guide: Soh Kofi shrine walkthrough and puzzle solutions

A minor test of strength

The Soh Kofi shrine can be seen from the Lanayru Tower — it’s a little to the north. It’s another minor test of strength, so we’re won’t do a full walkthrough this time either, but at least it’s got a cool name.

  • This guardian is carrying a shield, so you’re going to have to deal with that during the fight. You can knock it away with a swing from a heavy weapon like a sledgehammer or a claymore, or you can just focus on attacking from the back where the shield is useless.
  • Once again, use the pillars around the room to hide from the guardian’s laser attacks.
  • One of its attacks involves firing several strong laser blasts in a row — this attack follows the red laser targeting beam. A pillar will protect you from the first one, but the subsequent blasts will plow right into you and ruin your day. Just run sideways and you’ll avoid them.
  • Grab the knight’s bow on your way to pick up the spirit orb.

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