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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to find 45 korok seeds in about an hour

Stock up or get a big head start

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

You need 45 korok seeds to upgrade all three of your stashes five times each. We’ve got you covered. With just a little work — and about an hour of playing — you can gather these and get expand your inventory.

These korok seeds are all along a relatively straight path from the Great Plateau, across the Bridge of Hylia and into Farron Woods.

Each section below includes three things:

  1. A map with korok seed locations marked on it
  2. A gallery of images and
  3. A list telling you exactly how to find the korok seeds

The maps, gallery and list are all numbered so you can match the information as you need it. The maps will get you to the area, the gallery will help you pin down what you’re looking for, and the list will fill in any other details you need.

The Great Plateau

There are 19 korok seeds that you can gather on and around the Great Plateau in about 30 minutes. Our loop starts at Owa Daim shrine and loops around the plateau counterclockwise. Use the map above and the gallery below to help you find them.

These 19 seeds will let you upgrade your weapon stash (or your bow stash) by five slots.

Use the numbers on the map above, the numbered images in the gallery and the numbered list below to help you figure out exactly where each korok is, and what you have to do to reveal it.

  1. Climb onto the roof of the Old Man’s cabin and look for the sparkling leaves at the peak.
  2. Evade the guardians and head to the east of the Eastern Abbey, just on the edge of the plateau. Use magnesis to lift the metal door, then pick up the rock you find underneath.
  3. Climb all the way to the spire at the top of the front entrance to the Temple of Time.
  4. Jump through the ring of flowers in the pond to the northwest of the Temple of Time.
  5. If you have already completed everything on the Great Plateau and left once, there’s a korok at the very back of the Shrine of Resurrection.
  6. Look for the natural pillar. Climb to the top and lift the stone.
  7. Burn the pile of leaves under the tree’s roots, then lift the stone that reveals.
  8. Look for a stump on the edge of the pond that has a chain attached to it. Use magnesis to lift the attached ball and drop it into the depression in the center of the stump.
  9. Look for two rocks leaning against each other, then lift the stone you find undernearth.
  10. Find the huge, hollow log in the woods. Run over the five flowers to get the korok to appear.
  11. Use magnesis to lift the metal block into position on the right so that the two structures match.
  12. Use magnesis and one of the metal doors to build yourself a ledge and examine the sparkling leaves under the bridge.
  13. Climb to the top of the ruins to the northwest of Keh Namut shrine. There’s an out-of-place-looking chunk of ice. Melt it with fire to reveal the korok.
  14. There’s a ledge underneath the edge of the plateau with another metal sculpture. The extra metal block is around the pillar to the right. Use magnesis to make the two sculptures match.
  15. Climb back up top and continue southeast. You’ll come to a ring of rocks that is missing one stone. Use the stone you pass on your way to complete the ring.
  16. This one is also on the ledge underneath the edge of the plateau. Look to the south of the ruins. There’s a large, stone slab you’ll have to move with stasis, then pick up the rock underneath.
  17. Look around the eastern end of the ruins on the southern edge of the plateau. There’s a rock hidden behind one of the pillars. Pick it up.
  18. Cut all the way back across the plateau to the Eastern Abbey — or just fast travel to Ja Baij shrine. Paraglide off and down to the ground. There’s a metal door you can lift with magnesis to reveal a rock below.
  19. Head northeast from there. There’s a small cave facing the road on the western side. There are bunches of flowers with one, two, three, four and five flowers. Touch them in ascending order to reveal the korok.

Bridge of Hylia

There are eight more seeds you can collect along the Bridge of Hylia just southeast of the Great Plateau. You’ll have to do a lot of climbing and some backtracking, but you can grab these in about 15 minutes.

If you’re just joining us, or had to wander off, Ja Baij shrine on the Great Plateau is the closest shrine to the north end of the bridge.

Use the numbers on the map above, the numbered images in the gallery and the numbered list below to help you figure out exactly where each korok is, and what you have to do to reveal it.

  1. Climb to the top of the eastern tower at the north end of the bridge and light the brazier you find there.
  2. Toss one of the rocks on the bridge through the ring of stones on the water.
  3. From the middle of the bridge where the broken fountain is, climb down the western side to the ledge underneath, and pick up the stick.
  4. Climb to the top of the fountain.
  5. Climb down the eastern side of the bridge and follow the flower trail down. (The rest of the korok seeds are under the bridge.)
  6. Pick up the rock in the broken pillar.
  7. Look up at the bridge from a broken pillar north of the previous broken pillar. Shoot the balloon to find the korok.
  8. Move the stone slab with stasis and then pick up the rock underneath.

Faron Woods

Continuing to the southeast from the bridge, there are many more korok seeds to find. We’ve listed 18 on the map above (and in the gallery below) that you can gather with another 30 minutes of effort. If you’ve been following along, these 18 should bring your total number of korok seeds to a total of 45. This is enough to expand all five of your stashes by five slots each.

If you’re coming back to this area instead of continuing from the bridge walkthrough above, the fastest way back is to travel to the Lake Tower, then paraglide straight north. You’ll land pretty close to the south end of the bridge. You could also travel to Ya Naga or Pumaag Nitae shrines, but this will take you a bit longer.

Use the numbers on the map above, the numbered images in the gallery and the numbered list below to help you figure out exactly where each korok is, and what you have to do to reveal it.

  1. From the southern end of the Bridge of Hylia, follow the shore to the east. You’ll come to a tiny beach where you can lift a rock for a korok.
  2. Head straight south, and climb the cliff on the other side of the road. Push the boulder along the path to the east until it drops into the hole. (You can use stasis here, but be careful you don’t launch the boulder too far.)
  3. Head north and a little east back to the road. Watch around the rocky outcroppings for a korok running around.
  4. Continue northeast from there to find another boulder and another hole to push it into.
  5. Descend down the hill toward the northeast until you come to another small beach with a tree on it. Head to the water side of the tree to find an acorn in a hollow. Shoot the acorn to reveal the korok.
  6. Head back up the hill to the southeast. At the top, you’ll find another boulder to push into another hole.
  7. Travel straight south back to the road. Climb the tower on the south side of the road just before the fork. Lift the stone to find another korok.
  8. Continue east to Pumaag Nitae shrine. Just to the southeast of the shrine, there is a stump with a metal ball chained to it. Use magnesis to lift the ball into the hole in the stump.
  9. Back on the road, watch the south side for the start of a flower trail. (This one runs in a circle counter clockwise if you’re having trouble following it.)
  10. Shortly before the next bridge on the road heading east, watch on the south side again for a korok running around a log.
  11. Head to the bridge north of there and a little east. Use a combination of magnesis and stasis to place the three chained metal balls on the three rocks.
  12. From the bridge, follow the pond to the west all the way to the end. Climb out and dive through the ring of lillies.
  13. Work your way back to the road, and follow it east and then south to the Sarjon Bridge. Just before the bridge, watch on the right side — the west side — for the start of a flower trail. This one will take you across the river.
  14. Cross the road to the east and climb the two cliffs. Turn around and look at the tree behind you. Shoot the balloon to find another korok.
  15. Turn around and head back to the north along the eastern side of Dracozu River. The first pond you come to has a korok running around in the water for you to find.
  16. The next pond to the north has a waterfall. Climb up to the top to find another rock to pick up.
  17. All the way north at the Spring of Courage and Shae Katha shrine, look to the east and west to see that there are hands/claws on either side of the shrine entrance. Go to the eastern claw to pick up a metal cube from a sculpture. Carry the cube across to the western claw and complete the sculpture.
  18. From the top of the claw, look to the top of the head of the shrine — there’s a large tree growing out of the shrine’s head. Climb the shrine and the tree to find an oddly-located rock with a korok hiding underneath.