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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to get the Thunder Helm

‘Tools of the Trade,’ ‘The Mystery Polluter,’ ‘Medicinal Molduga’ and ‘The Search for Barta’

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After defeating Divine Beast Vah Naboris, there’s still plenty to do in Gerudo Town. The most tempting reason to stick around is right next to Riju — no, not Buliara. The other side. The Thunder Helm that Riju wore during the battle to reclaim the Divine Beast is sitting on a pedestal on her right.

The Thunder Helm

Investigate the helm to start a conversation with Riju. When you ask to borrow the Thunder Helm, you’ll pick up the ‘The Thunder Helm’ side quest. Your job is to solve the problems of four residents of Gerudo Town.

Every quest will ultimately require you to hand over some of your inventory to complete. You could just wander around and collect things as you need them, but we’ll put notes in each of the sections below so you can plan a little better and save yourself some time.

Tools of the Trade (10 pieces of flint)

You’ll find the jewelry shop in the northernmost corner of the Gerudo Market. Speak to Isha, and she’ll tell you she needs 10 pieces of flint to reopen her shop.

There’s not a lot of nuance to collecting flint. Find some ore, smash it, and you’ll probably end up with at least one piece. If you don’t have enough already, you will accidentally collect some while looking for luminous stones to upgrade the radiant set (also in Gerudo Town), so start there. You can also take a picture of a deposit with your camera and have your sheikah slate point you to nearby ore.

When you hand them over, she’ll reward you with a piece of jewelry.

The Mystery Polluter (10 wildberries)

In the very northernmost corner of the town, you’ll find a little vai named Dalia. Her garden keeps getting ruined by trash washing down the water supply.

If you follow the water supply straight back past the palace, you’ll find Calyban sitting on the rooftops eating melons. She’s throwing the rinds into the water, and that’s what’s causing Dalia’s trouble. Calyban will only stop eating and littering in exchange for 10 wildberries.

If you don’t have any in your inventory, the Gerudo Highlands are a good place to find them. Look in the area to the north of Gerudo Tower, just to the west of the area called Sapphia’s Table.

Head back to Dalia and she’ll reward you with a hydromelon.

Medicinal Molduga (1 molduga guts)

You’ll find Malena talking to the city guards either on the stairs in front of Riju’s throne room or off to the northwest, where the guards are training. Her boyfriend is sick and she needs some molduga guts to save him.

Malena will point you to the Toruma Dunes. This is straight to the west of Gerudo Town, in the area around Tho Kayu shrine. If you need help, check out our guide for defeating a molduga.

When you hand over the molduga guts, Malena will give you her thanks and a gold rupee.

The Search for Barta (1 hearty durian)

The final problem to solve involves finding a wayward guard named Barta for Liana. You’ll find Liana in the training ground in the southwest corner or Gerudo Town — turn right from Riju’s throne and head down the stairs. Barta has wandered off to investigate the leviathan bones that lie far to the southwest of Gerudo Town. You may have been here to find the Great Fairy or Hawa Koth shrine.

Before you leave, though, make sure you’ve got a hearty durian in your inventory. If you don’t (say, you’ve cooked them all), you don’t even have to leave Gerudo Town to find one. Head to the fruit stand next to the jewelry store, and you can buy a hearty durian (or three) for 60 rupees each.

You’ll find Barta right behind the shrine on the northeastern edge of the leviathan bones. Give her a hearty durian and she’ll perk up and promise to head back to town. Head back to town as well and talk to Liana again. She’ll give you a silver rupee.

Claiming the Thunder Helm

All that’s left is to head back to the throne room and talk to Riju again. She’ll hand over the Thunder Helm to you. The main appeal of the helm is that it provides the lightning proof effect without needing the entire (upgraded) rubber set. Which means you can still be shock proof while wearing stronger armor.

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