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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Fang and Bone and Kilton

How to unlock the Fang and Bone shop, where to find it and what you can do there when you do

Fang and Bone is a secret shop in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild owned and operated by a man(?) named Kilton. You’ll have to do a little work before you can shop there. Also, this shop is only open at night, and it comes with its own market-destabilizing, establishment-fighting currency.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to open up this new shop, where you can find it, how to convert your monster parts into this new currency and what you can spend that currency on.

Table of contents

  • How to find Kilton
  • Fang and Bone locations
  • What is mon?
  • What can I buy with mon?
  • Kilton’s Medals of Honor

How to find Kilton

Before Kilton opens shop, you have to find him and talk to him. Head to the very northeast corner of the map, to the west of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. You’ll find Kilton for the first time (and only for this time) on the western eye island of Skull Lake. The fastest way to get here is to travel to Zuna Kai shrine, then jump off the west side of the pillar and paraglide down.

You’ll have to visit at night (or go there, then build yourself a fire) to find Kilton. Talk to him, and he’ll eventually announce that he’s going to open his shop, Fang and Bone. He’ll disappear, and you’ll be able to visit his shop whenever you want. As long as you want to visit at night.

Fang and Bone locations

You’ll find Kilton and his traveling shop on the outskirts of most main villages throughout Hyrule. You might have to put in a little work to get to him, but you can almost always see the shop from the nearest shrine.

Kilton and the Fang and Bone shop are like Beedle — they’re just kind of everywhere you are whenever you’re there. The only difference is that Kilton is only around at night. You can find him at any of the below locations on any night. Or you can travel between several towns and find him at each of them.

Gerudo Town

Turn to the northwest from Daqo Chisay shrine. You’ll see Kilton’s shop sitting on some stone ruins nearby.

Hateno Village

Travel to Myahm Agana shrine. You’ll be facing in the right direction to see the shop. It’s to the northwest of the town here as well.

Kakariko Village

When you travel to Ta’loh Naeg shrine (assuming it’s at night), you’ll be able to see the shop in the distance. It’s behind and above Impa’s house to the southwest of town. Put on the Zora armor and swim up the waterfall to get there.

Lurelin Village

In the southeast of Hyrule is Lurelin Village. Kilton is here, too, but you’ll have to walk a bit to get to him. Travel to Yah Rin shrine. He’s to the south of the town on the opposite side of the bay.

Rito Village

Kilton is straight to the north of Rito Town. You can paraglide down from either the Divine Beast Vah Medoh or Akh Va'quot shrine. You can also run over land from Sha Warvo shrine, but it’s a lot less fun.

Tarrey Town (Lake Akkala)

It doesn’t actually matter if you’ve completed the “From the Ground Up” side quest for Kilton to show up here. Travel to Dah Hesho shrine and paraglide down to the water under the natural bridge to the east of town.

Zora’s Domain

The easiest to get to of Kilton’s locations is just to the southwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s immediately behind Dagah Keek shrine — it’s pretty hard to miss.

What is mon?

Kilton has his own currency that only he uses. He’ll give you mon in exchange for monster parts. The rarer the monster item, the more mon you’ll get for it. That’s kind of all there is to it.

Monster Parts to Mon Exchange Rates

Part Mon
Part Mon
Octo Balloon 1
Moblin Horn 2
Keese Wing 2
Ancient Screw 2
Monster Extract 2
Bokoblin Horn 3
Chuchu Jelly 3
Bokoblin Fang 5
Lizalfos Horn 5
White Chuchu Jelly 5
Red Chuchu Jelly 5
Yellow Chuchu Jelly 5
Octorok Tentacle 5
Ancient Spring 5
Moblin Fang 6
Fire Keese Wing 6
Electric Keese Wing 6
Lizalfos Talon 8
Bokoblin Guts 10
Keese Eyeball 10
Ancient Gear 10
Moblin Guts 12
Lizalfos Tail 12
Octorok Eyeball 13
Molduga Fin 15
Hinox Toenail 15
Icy Lizalfos Tail 16
Red Lizalfos Tail 16
Yellow Lizalfos Tail 16
Hinox Tooth 18
Lynel Horn 20
Ancient Shaft 20
Lynel Hoof 30
Hinox Guts 40
Ancient Core 40
Dragon's Scale 60
Lynel Guts 100
Giant Ancient Core 100
Shard of Dragon's Fang 110
Shard of Dragon's Horn 150

What can I buy with mon?

Kilton has his own stock of unique items for sale. More items will become available as you defeat the Divine Beasts.

Fang and Bone Items for Sale

Item Name Cost Requirement
Item Name Cost Requirement
Monster Extract 9 -
Wooden Mop 9 -
Bokoblin Mask 99 -
Spring-Loaded Hammer 199 Defeat one Divine Beast
Moblin Mask 199 Defeat one Divine Beast
Lizalfos Mask 299 Defeat two Divine Beasts
Monster Saddle 299 Defeat two Divine Beasts
Monster Bridle 399 Defeat two Divine Beasts
Lynel Mask 999 Defeat three Divine Beasts
Dark Tunic 999 Defeat all four Divine Beasts
Dark Trousers 999 Defeat all four Divine Beasts
Dark Hood 1999 Defeat all four Divine Beasts

Kilton’s Medals of Honor

After you complete Breath of the Wild’s main story and defeat Ganon, you’ll discover a new dialogue option when talking to Kilton. The short version is this: You’ll get the Medal of Honor: Talus for defeating all 40 Talus sub-bosses, the Medal of Honor: Hinox for defeating all 40 Hinox sub-bosses and the Medal of Honor: Molduga for defeating all four Molduga sub-bosses that are scattered around Hyrule.

There are a couple important things to note here. This isn’t just a cumulative kill count. You have to seek out all 84 unique sub-bosses and defeat them. But, thankfully, Blood Moons do not reset your count, so you can take your time.

These medals don’t actually have any effect. But they’re good for bragging rights, pride and a well-earned sense of accomplishment.

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