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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Korok Forest location and map

Koroks are questionable urban planners

Getting to Korok Forest is an adventure all on it’s own, but there is a lot to do once you get there. The problem is, you’re deep in the forest and everything looks the same. Also, your map is basically useless. But, just like Breath of the Wild’s shrines, that’s what we’re here for.

When first you make your way through the Lost Woods, the most obvious landmark you’ll see — probably the first thing you see, really — is the Master Sword. (You can check out our Master Sword guide to learn how to claim it.) The Master Sword is important enough — and central enough — that we’ve centered the map on it.

A map of the Lost Woods

Once you have pulled the sword from the stone, you’ll open up the rest of Korok Forest. Before anything else, though, the most important landmark is Keo Ruug shrine which is around the Great Deku Tree’s trunk to the northeast. Getting this shrine unlocked is going to be your fastest way to come back to Korok Forest.

If you head directly east of the Master Sword stone (straight south of the shrine), you’ll find Hestu — assuming he’s found his way home by the time you get here.

Looking to the north from the Master Sword, you’ll see a korok named Chio who will start you on “The Korok Trials” side quest. The three sub/side/shrine quests he sends you on are easiest to find your way to if you start at the Master Sword stone and follow the vague paths marked by seedpod-streelights.

From the Master Sword north past Chio, up a root ramp and into the trunk of the Great Deku Tree to find the standard village amenities. Directly in the center of the hollow is a cooking fire. To your right is the general store with food and arrows, and ahead of you is the Spore Store with its variety of mushrooms. Just to the left of that is a Goddess statue where you can trade in your spirit orbs, and to the left of that is an inn.

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