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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to get the rubber armor set (Thunder Magnet side quest)

Where to find the pieces and how to upgrade it

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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, creatures with electrical attacks and lightning can really ruin your day. Shock damage can make you drop your weapons or shield and deal a lot of damage. Luckily, the rubber armor set will help. You just have to complete a side quest and visit a couple shrines to assemble all the pieces.

Rubber helm (Thunder Magnet side quest)

The rubber helm is the easiest of the three to get. Go to the Lakeside Stable just to the southeast of the Faron Tower. Talk to Cima over by the horses, and she’ll give you a quest to figure out why the stable keeps getting hit by lightning.

If you look up at the roof, you’ll see a woodcutter’s axe at the very top of the horse head. Climb up the cliffs behind the stable and paraglide down to remove it.

When you go back to talk to Cima, she’ll give you the rubber helm.

Rubber tights (A Song of Storms shrine quest)

The rubber tights are the reward that you’ll find at the end of the A Song of Storms shrine quest. You’ll find Qukah Nata shrine on the eastern shore of Calora Lake to the east of Faron Tower.

To the right of the top of the waterfall, you’ll see a mound with a vein-like pattern on it. Climb to the top of that strange mound and drop something metal. Lightning will strike the metal object you dropped and crack open the mound revealing the shrine.

Rubber armor (Trial of Thunder shrine quest)

The final piece of the rubber set is another reward for completing a shrine. You’ll find the Toh Yasha shrine by completing the Trial of Thunder shrine quest. This is a relatively complicated one, so make sure to visit those links for our full walkthrough.

You’ll unbury the shrine on the Thundra Plateau immediately to the west of the Ridgeland Tower. You’ll find four pillars and four orbs. You have to place the orbs in front of the pillars of the same color. You’ll use your stasis rune power a lot to pull this off.

Inside the Toh Yasha shrine, there’s still a lot of work to do. The rubber armor is in a chest directly underneath the elevator platform where you start the shrine. You’ll have to destroy a lot of stone blocks to get to it.

Upgrading the rubber set

You’ll get a shock resistant set bonus from the full set of rubber armor, but upgrading it improves that. Upgrading it a second time will get you the shockproof set bonus — which will protect you from all electrical damage, including lightning.

Upgrading the rubber set at a Great Fairy fountain will cost you a total of three yellow chuchu jelly for the first level, five yellow chuchu jelly and three voltfruit for the second, five zapshrooms and five yellow lizalfos tails for the third, and 10 yellow lizalfos tails and ten topaz for the final upgrade.

Upgrading the Rubber Set

Upgrade Rubber Helm Rubber Armor Rubber Tights
Upgrade Rubber Helm Rubber Armor Rubber Tights
Level 1 3 yellow chuchu jelly 3 yellow chuchu jelly 3 yellow chuchu jelly
Level 2 5 yellow chuchu jelly, 5 voltfruit 5 yellow chuchu jelly, 5 voltfruit 5 yellow chuchu jelly, 5 voltfruit
Level 3 5 zapshroom, 5 yellow lizalfos tail 5 zapshroom, 5 yellow lizalfos tail 5 zapshroom, 5 yellow lizalfos tail
Level 4 10 yellow lizalfos tail, 10 topaz 10 yellow lizalfos tail, 10 topaz 10 yellow lizalfos tail, 10 topaz

All of the items you require for your upgrades are either yellow or electric in nature (or both). The short answer to finding these is just wander around Gerudo Desert. Voltfruit can be found on cactuses throughout the desert. This is also where you’ll most often encounter yellow lizalfos. Yellow chuchus are also common in the desert, but there’s another way.

You can take chuchu jelly and hit it with shock damage — like by killing a generic chuchu with a thunderblade or dropping a bunch into a puddle and hitting it with a shock arrow. (This holds true for the other kinds of chuchu jelly as well — you can turn chuchu jelly with fire damage to make red chuchu jelly or cold damage to make white chuchu jelly.)

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