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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: ‘Leviathan Bones’ side quest walkthrough

Why did the leviathans go extinct?

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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s "Leviathan Bones" side quest, there’s a trio of sibling scientists hanging out at Serenne Stables in the southwest corner of the Woodland region of Hyrule in. The side quest they’ll send you on will earn you 300 rupees and take you on a tour of Hyrule’s harshest environments.

The brothers

The three brothers, Onya, Akrah and Garshon, that give you this quest will be hanging out at the Serenne Stable — inside if it’s night or raining, or outside by the horses otherwise. These stables are just southeast of the Hebra Tower and north of Monya Toma shrine.

Talk to them to hear their three different theories about why Hyrule’s leviathans went extinct. They’ll ask you to go draw pictures (take photos) of three sets of leviathan remains around the map — the Eldin Mountains, the Hebra region and the Gerudo region.

What you need

Like we said, this side quest will take you on a tour of some of the harshest environments on the map. You’ll need a way to handle both extreme heat and extreme cold. The snowquill set (which you probably picked up during the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest) will cover you for the cold parts and the desert voe set or gerudo set (which you can pick up during the ‘From the Ground Up’ and Divine Beast Vah Naboris quests, respectively) will help you manage the heat. Or you can cook up some elixirs.

The three locations you need to visit are scattered all over the map. Having sought out and unlocked a large number of shrines will help you complete this quest relatively quickly, but it’s not required.

What you need to do

All you need to do at each location is get a picture of the skeleton that includes at least the skull. This is pretty easy for the Eldin remains where there are plenty of cliffs to climb for a good vantage point, but kind of tricky for the Gerudo remains where a sandstorm will block your vision. Just focus on getting the skull and make sure the tag shows up in your camera’s view before you snap the picture and leave.

Eldin Great Skeleton location

The remains in the Eldin Mountains are located to the west of Gut Check Rock and Gorae Torr shrine. This is the same place where the dragon Dinraal starts its daily journey.

Gerudo Great Skeleton location

The Gerudo remains are located in the very southwest corner of the map. You may have found this looking for Hawa Koth shrine or the Great Fairy fountain located in the skeleton’s ribcage.

Hebra Great Skeleton location

The remains in the Hebra Region are tough to find, mostly because they’re not above ground. They’re buried in a cave along with To Quomo shrine in the far northwest corner of the map.

Return to the brothers

Head back to the Serenne Stable and talk to each of the three brothers in turn to show off your pictures. Each of them will take your photos as proof that their theory is correct, but that’s not your problem. When you show off the third picture, you’ll get your reward of 300 rupees.

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