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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: How to find and upgrade the radiant set (the Gerudo Secret Club)

You do not talk about the Gerudo Secret Club

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Among all the other shops you encounter in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Gerudo Town, there’s a secret shop that you can’t get into without a password. When you try to get in anyway, you’ll start the "Gerudo Secret Club" side quest. You’ll have to do a little work to get in, but once you do, you’ll find a new set of armor that is only available there.

Gerudo Secret Club side quest

The secret shop is behind the clothing shop on your left as soon as you come into Gerudo Town. It’s down the alley on the right side of the shop. If you try to get in and fail, you’ll have to wait until the next day to try again. So, let’s go get that password.

Head for the bar in the northernmost corner of Gerudo Town. It’s to the right as soon as you walk into the town — directly across from Saula’s clothing shop. Inside, head for the back right corner where you’ll see a couple of vai sitting on a couch and talking. Talk to them to trigger a conversation. You won’t get the password just yet, but you’ll start the process.

How to get the password

Once they kick you out, jump out the window on your left and turn right. There’s another set of stairs right ahead of you leading back into the building. Go inside and turn right. Head to the wall below the window and listen. You’ll overhear the password (hint: it’s GSC◆).

The door on the left is the Gerudo Secret Club’s entrance

Now you can return to the clothing shop, head down the alley on the right and give the password to gain entrance to the Gerudo Secret Club. Inside, you’ll be able to buy two sets of armor — the desert voe set (which you can also buy from Rhondson in Tarrey Town) and the radiant set, which we’ll cover here.

The radiant armor set

The radiant set will cost you 2,400 rupees and nine luminous stones. From the start, this set is awesome for two reasons: It looks like a skeleton and it glows in the dark. It also has the stal lure additional effect, meaning that stals (skeleton monsters) are more likely to spawn near you. Once you start upgrading it, though, things get more interesting.

The radiant set has two set bonuses: Disguise, which lets you walk among stals without getting attacked right away, and bone attack up, which increases your damage with bone weapons.

Upgrading the radiant set

Upgrading the radiant set takes some work. The first couple levels are relatively cheap, requiring pretty common materials, but the third and fourth levels need some pretty rare — and hard to get — monster parts.

Upgrading the Radiant Set

Upgrade Radiant Mask Radiant Shirt Radiant Tights
Upgrade Radiant Mask Radiant Shirt Radiant Tights
Level 1 5 luminous stones, 3 bokoblin guts 5 luminous stones, 3 bokoblin guts 5 luminous stones, 3 bokoblin guts
Level 2 8 luminous stones, 3 moblin guts 8 luminous stones, 3 moblin guts 8 luminous stones, 3 moblin guts
Level 3 10 luminous stones, 2 molduga guts 10 luminous stones, 2 molduga guts 10 luminous stones, 2 molduga guts
Level 4 20 luminous stones, 1 lynel guts 20 luminous stones, 1 lynel guts 20 luminous stones, 1 lynel guts

Luminous stones are pretty common, but difficult to find in the quantities you’ll need to fully upgrade this set — that’s a total of 138 stones from purchase to final upgrade. There are plenty of places to find them, but they’re common in the mountains north of Zora’s Domain, there are a few deposits around the Great Fairy Keyasa just south of Tabantha Tower and there’s a steady supply around Sho Dantu shrine. Also remember that these deposits are easier to spot at night since they’re, you know, luminous.

Bokoblin and moblin guts are plentiful, and you’ll pick these up pretty much anywhere you fight these enemies. Molduga guts, on the other hand, are much more rare. You’ll have to travel to the southwest corner of the map in the Gerudo Desert. We talked about how to defeat this enemy in the Tho Kayu shrine walkthrough (which is a great place to travel to start hunting them).

Lynel guts are even more difficult to come by, but mostly just because they come from a tough enemy. You can try to gather them with an unconventional method, but the smarter way is to just take on a lynel normally. There are over 20 lynels to choose from across Hyrule, so just use you sheikah sensor with that photo you snapped of one to track them down.

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