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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: The Master Trials: Trial of the Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 walkthrough

An ice chuchu, three bokoblins, a pair of frost pebblits and a treasure chest

Trial of the Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s The Master Trials DLC is a fight between you and an ice chuchu, three bokoblins and a pair of frost pebblits. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat them all and where to find this level’s items.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 walkthrough

The next set of rooms are all cold-weather environments. You have two choices for how to deal with them. Either eat one of the cold-resistance meals you cooked or equip a fire-based weapon. The meal means you’ll have freedom to use any weapon without taking cold damage. A fire weapon means you don’t have to waste a healing meal if you don’t need it, you can save those cold-resist meals for other levels and you can take your time exploring the levels.

  1. Walk forward and take out the two frost pebblits. Use a remote bomb or a fire weapon to knock them out, then pick them up and toss them.
  2. Shoot the ice chuchu before it gets too close.
  3. Head to the corner of the room to the right of where you begin. Melt the ice you find there to reveal a treasure chest with five bomb arrows. (If you’ve got a fire weapon, you just need to stand near the ice for a while — you don’t even have to swing your weapon. You can also build a campfire next to it.)
  4. There are three bokoblins around the remains of a cooking fire in the northwest corner of the room. Climb up one of the hills beyond the treasure chest without attracting their attention. Use one of the bomb arrows you just picked up to helpfully light the cooking fire for the bokoblins.
  5. You’re safe from the hills around the treasure chest, so keep sniping and clean up any of them that survive and collect their weapons.
  6. Smash the wooden crates next to the fire and quickly pick up any food before it freezes. With the cooking pot’s fire you just lit, you can whip up another meal.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 armor, weapons and food

Nearly every underground floor in Trial of the Sword includes some combination of armor, weapons and food that you should collect before leaving and use in subsequent levels. Here’s what you can find in this underground floor.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 armor and weapons
  • Spiked boko spear
  • Steel lizal shield
  • Lizal tri-boomerang
  • Spiked boko bow
Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 food
  • Crates next to fire
Final Trials: Underground Floor 13 treasure chest
  • Bomb arrows (under ice in a corner)


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