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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: The Master Trials: Trial of the Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 walkthrough

Trial of the Sword: Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s The Master Trials DLC is a fight between you, lizalfos and moblins. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat them all and where to find this level’s items and hidden treasure chest.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 walkthrough

  1. Run straight forward and jump into the updraft. Use bullet time to shoot an arrow at the lizalfos waiting for you on the next pillar. Either shoot it a bunch (four times) or land and hit it once with your frostblade.
  2. This pillar is where you’ll launch your remaining attacks. Either arc arrows down onto the two moblins you can see, or ride the updraft to land some bullet time hits on them. You’re relatively safe here on this pillar, so you can take your time with your attacks.
  3. If you don’t feel like using that many arrows, you can paraglide down to the bottom of the tower and sneak your way up, taking the moblins out with sneak attacks as you find them like we did in the video above.
  4. You’re not going to be able to take out the last moblin from the far platform with arrows, so paraglide over to the tower. You’ll land on the middle platform. Collect any weapons you see, then crouch and start making your way up.
  5. If you land a really good (perfect and unexpected) shot, you can take it out with one headshot. Otherwise, stun it with a headshot, then keep sneaking up. If you’re really careful (and lucky), you’ll be able to land a sneak attack before the fight gets too intense.
  6. Once the final moblin is dead, clear out any crates on your way back down the tower. On the ground at the bottom, fire up your magnesis and pull the treasure chest out of the lava. (Don’t worry too much about missing any of these weapons, say, because you knocked a moblin into the lava. You’re pretty well-armed already and taking out the moblins fast is better than one more weapon.)

Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 armor, weapons and food

Nearly every underground floor in Trial of the Sword includes some combination of armor, weapons and food that you should collect before leaving and use in subsequent levels. Here’s what you can find in this underground floor.

Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 armor and weapons
  • Strengthened lizal bow
  • Royal guard’s spear
  • Steel lizal bow
  • Knight’s claymore
  • Arrows (metal crate)
  • Fire arrows (metal crate)
Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 food
  • Metal crate
Final Trials: Underground Floor 10 treasure chest
  • Ancient arrows x3


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