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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 3 walkthrough

Plus two treasure chests

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Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 3 is a battle between you and three waves of chuchus in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s The Master Trials DLC. The first wave is one small blue chuchu. The second wave is four small fire chuchus. The final wave is four medium fire chuchus.

Underground Floor 3 walkthrough

There are a bunch of rocks scattered around Underground Floor 3. By picking up these rocks and throwing them, you can destroy every one of these chuchus without ever drawing your weapon. Just make sure you target a chuchu before you throw — this will help your rock find its mark. You can also just use your arrows or remote bombs, but there’s something a little more satisfying about throwing stones.

Underground Floor 3 treasure chests

The boomerang is in the chest behind where you start.
There are five fire arrows in the back left corner of the room.

There are two chests on wooden platforms high on the walls of this floor. One is behind where you start, and one on the far side. At some point while you’re fighting the fire chuchus, to capture some of their fire. You can just drop some firewood and start a campfire (this is the way we prefer to do it because it takes the time pressure off of you), or you can draw your bow and light an arrow on fire — and you should’ve gathered plenty of arrows on the second floor.

You have two choices for getting to the chests. You can shoot a flaming arrow (you won’t have any fire arrows yet) at the wooden platform. This worked most of the time for us. You can also use a tree branch to start a brushfire under the platform. This will create an updraft that you can ride up with your paraglider.

The chest behind where you start contains a boomerang. The other chest contains five fire arrows.

Underground Floor 3 armor, weapons and food

Nearly every underground floor in Trial of the Sword includes some combination of armor, weapons and food that you should collect before leaving and use in subsequent levels. Here’s what you can find in this underground floor.

Underground Floor 3 armor and weapons
  • None
Underground Floor 3 food
  • None (but you might find an acorn or two if you run around knocking down all the trees)