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Zelda Breath of the Wild guide: Trial of the Sword: Beginning Trials: Underground Floor 5 walkthrough

Plus crates, barrels and hidden items

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Master Trials DLC, Trial of the Sword: Underground Floor 4 puts you up against another set of tough enemies. There are two moblins patrolling the woods around the skull-cave and three blue bokoblins inside. Luckily, this floor doesn’t require a head-on approach.


Before you leave any Underground Floor, make sure you smash or burn every crate and barrel you see. The contents are (mostly) random, but you might fight find arrows (alone, in bundles or even special ammo like fire arrows) as well as food like apples, fleet lotus seeds, mighty bananas, palm fruit, wildberries and a variety of mushrooms. We have a list of this Underground Floor’s items at the end of this guide, so you won’t miss any.

Underground Floor 5 walkthrough

It’s rainin’ bombs (Hylian-lujah). #sorrynotsorry

This is another floor that you can handle with only your bombs. Start by slowly making your way toward either of the patrolling moblins. Climb one of the large trees near them and start throwing bombs. Throw them toward the right or left wall — this will prevent the bokoblins from getting interested and leaving the skull cave. Take out the other moblin the same way.

Bowling for bokoblins.
We think that counts as a strike.

Crouch and move up close to the mouth of the cave from either the left or right sides. Toss a bomb so that it rolls down into the mouth of the cave, then detonate it. The cave is full of explosives, so you’ll take out the bokoblins all at once.

Underground Floor 5 armor and weapons

Nearly every underground floor in Trial of the Sword includes some combination of armor, weapons and food that you should collect before leaving and use in subsequent levels. Here’s what you can find in this underground floor.

Underground Floor 5 armor and weapons
  • Moblin spear (patrolling moblin on right)
  • Moblin club (patrolling moblin on left)
  • Spiked boko bat (bokoblin in cave)
  • Spiked boko spear (bokoblin in cave)
  • Spiked boko club (bokoblin in cave)
  • Spiked boko shield (bokoblin in cave)
Underground Floor 5 food
  • There is food in crates in the cave — detonating a bomb (and the explosives) inside will roast and scatter it


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