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Ne'ez Yohma shrine – Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide

Pushing Power shrine solution and stasis puzzle

Ne’ez Yohma shrine – Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Ne’ez Yohma shrine is located within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Zora’s Domain.

In this BOTW guide, we’ll help you find the Ne’ez Yohma shrine location and solution and walk you through the Pushing Power stasis puzzle inside to collect your chest and spirit orb.

Ne'ez Yohma shrine solution

  1. Make your way up the ramp, keeping to the right to avoid the rolling boulders and the laser beam.
  2. When you reach the top, turn left and walk past the stationary orange, glowing boulder.
  3. Follow the walkway above the ramp and jump onto the platform with the treasure chest. Open it to collect Zora’s Spear.
  4. In the middle of the ramp, use cryonis to create an ice block where the laser beam ends. (This will allow you to route the boulder you're about to roll.)
  5. Using cryonis again, create three more ice blocks at the bottom of the ramp, beginning at the platform (or wall, from your point of view on the ground) on the far right. In effect, you’re widening the length of the wall in preparation for the boulder you’re going to roll. (You probably don’t have to create all three, but better safe than sorry.)
  6. Return to the top of the ramp, and use cryonis to create an ice block in front of the orange, glowing stationary boulder.
  7. Climb up the ice block, and make your way behind the stationary boulder — between you and the wall. It’s a tight fit.
  8. Use stasis on the glowing, stationary boulder.
  9. Using Zora’s Spear, hit the stationary boulder forward four times. Make sure that the yellow stasis arrow is pointing directly ahead. You want it to hop over the space in front of it and onto the grooved platform.
  10. Watch as the once-stationary, glowing boulder rolls down past the ice block you created to stop the laser beam, and past that to the left, stopping where you built the (three) ice blocks.
  11. Walk down to the bottom of the ramp, on the other side of the ice blocks behind which the boulder rests. Prepare to do two things quickly.
  12. Use cryonis to break any blocks holding back the boulder. This will make the boulder roll once again.
  13. Switch to stasis.
  14. When the boulder arrives on level ground, cast stasis on the boulder. This will stop it from rolling off the side.
  15. When stasis wears off, walk into the boulder to nudge it into the hole in the ground. (This is much safer than using stasis, which could send the orange, glowing boulder careening off of the ledge, into a bottomless black hole. Better just to nudge a few inches at a time. It won't take more than a few tries.)
  16. When the boulder falls into the hole, the door to Ne'ez Yohma will open, and you can collect your spirit orb.