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Link’s Awakening guide and walkthrough

Explore Koholint Island and every dungeon in this Switch remake

Link’s Awakening finds our favorite hero shipwrecked on Koholint Island. Because Link can’t just have a nice island getaway, the fate of the world (or at least the island) is at stake, and he’ll have to navigate the island and dungeons, and fight many monsters, mini-bosses, and bosses to survive.

Our Link’s Awakening walkthroughs will show you how to find the dungeon entrance, navigate every room, solve every puzzle, and beat every boss in the game’s nine dungeons. Throughout, we’ll also direct you to any useful items — like the compass, map, keys, chests, special items, and the instruments — inside.

Not everything in Link’s Awakening lives in dungeons, though, so we’ve also got guides and walkthroughs for the activities between dungeons, like increasing inventory space and finding your Ocarina, and then learning new songs for it. We’ve got guides for finding a new outfit for Link and for the entire trading sequence that will earn you the game’s most versatile weapon, the Boomerang.