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Link’s Awakening guide: Taking the ghost home

What to do with that strange, pink ghost that follows you around

Shortly after you clear the Angler’s Tunnel dungeon in Link’s Awakening, an odd pink ghost will start following you around. Eventually, he’ll start dropping hints about what he wants. This guide will walk you through getting him home and claiming your reward.

Meeting the ghost

You don't actually need to do anything for the ghost to show up. He’ll just arrive without fanfare shortly after you complete Angler’s Tunnel. (If you’re waiting around for him, why not go increase the number of bombs you can carry with our guide?)

The Ghost’s house

Link’s Awakening Martha’s Bay location of the ghost’s house
Location of the ghost’s house in Martha’s Bay.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

The Ghost’s house is located along the bottom of the map, almost directly in the middle. It’s just to the left of the Martha’s Bay warp pad.

Link’s Awakening Martha’s Bay paths to get to the Ghost’s house
How to get to the Ghost’s house.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

There are a number of ways to get there. From Toronbo Shores, head to the top right corner. There are a couple boulders blocking the path. Lift one to reach the house.

From Animal Village, head to the top left corner, and drop into the water. Swim as far as you can to the bottom left, and climb out by the Telephone Booth next to the Martha’s Bay warp pad. Continue to the southwest and dash-jump the line of holes to reach the house.

Inside the ghost’s house

Link’s Awakening Martha’s Bay Ghost’s house
The Ghost will wander around for a minute before telling you where to go next.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Walk inside the ghost’s house, and he’ll wander around for a couple minutes being generally sad. Once he’s done, smash all of his pots for whatever they hold. One will have a Secret Seashell.

Walk back outside, and the ghost will tell you to go to the cemetery.

Go to the Cemetery

Link’s Awakening pat to the Ghost’s grave
Path to the Ghost’s grave.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Your next stop is the Cemetery, but not the same part of the Cemetery where you found the Color Dungeon. Your goal is to get back to the Witch’s house just to the left of the big cemetery. The fastest way is to use the Martha’s Bay warp pad to jump back to the Ukuku Prairie pad. Head north from there, and climb the ladder.

When you reach the Witch’s house, turn left. Look for a rock blocking stairs down. Lift it, go down, and head left to find more stairs.

Climb up and the ghost will find its peace. You’ll get a Fairy Bottle for your trouble.

Using your Fairy Bottle

Equip the Fairy Bottle to one of your slots, and go kill some Ghinis in the Cemetery to the east. There’s a chance they’ll drop a Fairy. Approach a Fairy, and swing your bottle to gather it up. Now you’ve got a full healing whenever you need it.

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