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Link’s Awakening guide: Learn Manbo’s Mambo and warp any time

Learn a song that lets you warp whenever you want

Link’s Awakening Learn how to warp any time with Manbo’s Mambo Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon
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After you complete and exit Link’s Awakening Angler’s Tunnel wearing your new Flippers, there’s a useful song to learn for your Ocarina nearby. (Here’s our guide to finding the Ocarina if you haven’t picked it up yet.)

Meet Manbo

Link’s Awakening Manbo’s cave is just to the left of the Angler’s Tunnel entrance
Manbo’s cave is to the left of the Angler’s Tunnel entrance.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

From the entrance/exit to Angler’s Tunnel, turn left and jump into the water. There’s a small cave just a little to the left to swim into. It has a couple fish reliefs on either side.

Talk to Manbo

Link’s Awakening Angler’s Tunnel talk to Manbo
Meet Manbo in his cave.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Inside the cave, you’ll meet a fish named Manbo. Talk to him, and he’ll teach you how to play Manbo’s Mambo on your Ocarina.

This song will let you warp from anywhere on the map without needing a warp pad. You’ll still have to land on an active pad, but being able to start the process from wherever you want will save you a lot of travel time. This song will also let you warp back to the entrance of any dungeon you’re exploring.

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