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Link’s Awakening guide: Bird Key walkthrough

Solve the signpost maze, learn a new Ocarina song and find the Bird Key

Link’s Awakening how to resurrect the Rooster and find the Bird Key Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

You’ll need to find the Bird Key before you get to Link’s Awakening Eagle’s Tower dungeon. This guide will walk you through learning a new song for your Ocarina, resurrecting a Rooster (that lets you fly short distances), and finding the Bird Key.

Before we start, you’ll need the Ocarina from the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village.

Learn Frog’s Song of Soul

Link’s Awakening signpost maze solution to find Maru
Follow the directions on the signposts to reach Maru.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Head to the signpost maze — it’s just to the southeast of Mabe Village. This area is a puzzle where you just have to follow the directions on the signposts. Use our map above to guide you.

At the end of the maze, some stairs will appear. Go down and talk to Maru. He’ll teach you Frog’s Song of Soul for 300 rupees.

Resurrect the Rooster

Link’s Awakening Mabe Village Flying Rooster whirligig Frog’s Song of Soul resurrect
Play Frog’s Song of Soul to resurrect the Rooster.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Go to the Flying Rooster whirligig in Mabe Village. Now that you have the Powerful Bracelet, you can push it. Shove it up to reveal some stairs.

Approach the bones on the platform and play Frog’s Song of Soul on your Ocarina. Head back upstairs.

Find the Bird Key

Link’s Awakening Tal Tal Heights path to the Bird Key
Path to the Bird Key.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

Return to the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Enter the same way you did on your way to Angler’s Tunnel — find the small path to the west of Bottle Grotto, and work your way east. Retrace your steps all the way to the Angler’s Tunnel entrance, and then keep going right.

Climb the first ladder you come to past the waterfall. Turn left, and continue until you find a cave doorway (it’s below the shack).

Loop through the first cave to the left. Start shoving rocks until you open a path to the exit in the top right (use our image above to help).

Use the rooster again to fly around the wall to the left.

Go pick up the Bird Key.

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