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Link’s Awakening guide: Every Mario figure stand location

Is this a stand for something?

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Link’s Awakening Mabe Village Mario figure stands
Mario figure stand locations in the houses of Mabe Village.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon
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Link will encounter many of Mario’s enemies throughout Link’s Awakening. There are also 10 Mario-themed figures (figurines? statues?) to collect from the Trendy Game claw game in Mabe Village. To collect the next, you’ll have to place each figure on its stand (they say “Is this a stand for something?” when they’re empty).

Below, we’ll walk you through collecting and placing all 10.

How to find the Mario figures

The Mario figures in Link’s Awakening are always in the Trendy Game (the claw game in Mabe Village). So all you have to do to collect them is pay the 10 rupees and maneuver the crane successfully.

New figures will appear as you progress through the game’s dungeons, but the next one won’t appear until you’ve placed the last one you collected. The stands for each figure are located in the houses in Mabe Village (we’ve got a map below to help you).

If any appear on the moving platforms in the back row, move the claw all the way to the corner, and drop it as soon as the moving platform hits the center of the room.

Reward for collecting all 10

Your reward for collecting all 10 Mario figures is a Chamber Stone for Dampe’s challenges, and the price for playing the Trendy Game will be reduced to 5 rupees.

Mario figure stand locations

Link’s Awakening Mabe Village Mario figure stand locations
Mario figure stand locations around Mabe Village.
Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

The stands for the Mario figures you collect are located in the four houses of Mabe Village. We’ve marked them on the map above. The numbers correspond to the order in which the figures show up in the Trendy Game.

We’ve included the ordered list below as well.

  1. CiaoCiao
  2. Goomba
  3. Cheep Cheep
  4. Spiny
  5. Boo
  6. Blooper
  7. Shy Guy
  8. Piranha Plant
  9. Pokey
  10. BowWow