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Isisim Shrine location and walkthrough in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete the ‘Proving Grounds: In Reverse’ puzzle

A screenshot shows the opening to Isisim Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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Isisim Shrine is a shrine within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Eldin Canyon region.

Our guide will help you find the Isisim Shrine location, solve its puzzles, and receive the Light of Blessing. It’s not a terribly difficult shrine to complete, but it does require the use of Yunobo of Goron City, the Goron who Link helps during the Goron City and Fire Temple questlines, which means you’ll have to have at least started that to access the shrine.

When you’re done, our shrine locations page and interactive Hyrule map can direct you toward something else to do.

Isisim Shrine location

The Isisim Shrine is located within Eldin Canyon’s YunoboCo HQ East Cave. It’s all the way in the back of the cave, which isn’t actually too far back. You’ll see the green swirls of the shrine, but the opening itself will be blocked by red stones. This is where Yunobo comes in. Send him charging at the red rocks to break them away — you won’t be able to break them otherwise. It’ll take a few tries to get enough of the rocks away to enter, but you don’t have to break ‘em all.

The Isisim Shrine is located at the coordinates (1842, 2841, 0363).

Isisim Shrine walkthrough

Isisim Shrine is a proving grounds shrine, which means you’ll be fighting. Once you enter the cave, you’ll be stripped of your weapons and given several low level ones to use, picking up more as you defeat enemies. “Proving Grounds: In Reverse” also requires use of the Recall ability, both to navigate the area and as a tool to defeat Constructs.

1. Head into the shrine and pick up the three weapons ahead on your left: an old wooden shield, a wooden stick, and a thick stick.

2. Take a left side and go up the ramp. Follow it to the top and straight ahead you’ll see a Construct surrounded by time bombs. Take note of the area and dodge any incoming projectiles, but wait until the Construct picks up a bomb and throws it. Quickly use Recall to send it straight back at the Construct.

Link shoots a time bomb back at a Construct Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

3. The bombs will scatter, so make sure to avoid the blast radius even after you defeat the Construct. Pick up the bow nearby and head up to pick up the Construct’s loot. Use these to amp up your basic weapons.

4. Head back toward the ramp, but go straight instead of down. There’s a gear you can use to access the next level. Use Recall to reverse the gear and use it to hop up. There are several more Constructs on this level.

Link using Recall to reverse a gear Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

5. Defeat them. You can use basic combat skills, but they’ll also throw rocks that you can use Recall on to throw back at ‘em. There are also several time bombs scattered around the arena, which can be handy.

6. Once you defeat a Construct, they’ll drop weapons. Pick up these and fuse other items to them to make them stronger.

7. You’ll get your gear back once you’ve defeated all the enemies. A gate will open to the next area, which has a magic rod inside a chest.

8. Head toward the sigil and examine it to complete the shrine and receive the Light of Blessing.

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