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How to find 50+ Korok seeds in an hour in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Enough Korok seeds to upgrade your inventory five times

A Korok floats in mid air using a leaves branch in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

The Koroks are at it again in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Finding Korok seeds might seem like a herculean task, but it’s essential: You’ll need them to increase your inventory. We’ve sketched out a method that allows you to net 54 Korok seeds in about an hour — enough to upgrade your weapon, bow, and shield inventories five times each.

The guide below notes where to find Korok seeds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, focusing on three specific areas: Hyrule Castle, Satori Mountain, and the Great Sky Island. Note that not are Koroks are hidden equally. Some, you merely have to find; others require you to complete a brief mission. We’ve detailed what you’ll need to do to get each Korok seed, alongside an annotated map and image gallery showing the locations of all 54 Korok seeds. After you’ve gathered them, track down Hestu, who will grant you inventory upgrades in exchange for Korok seeds.

How many Korok Seeds are there in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

There are 1,000 Korok seeds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In comparison to Breath of the Wild, which featured a paltry 900 seeds, there are 100 extra Korok poops to find.

Of course, the locations are all different. Hyrule is shaken up in multiple ways in the sequel, and depending on how to traverse the world, you may feel as if the seeds are more sparse this time around. In addition, there’s a significant amount of them in the sky islands, too. Thankfully, you won’t have to search for them in the Depths.

How many Korok Seeds do you need to fully upgrade your inventory?

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features three different inventory pouches, encompassing weapons, bows, and shields. In order to fully upgrade your inventory, you’ll need 440 Korok seeds.

In total, you can have up to 14 bow slots, 20 shield slots, and 20 weapon slots — the latter having an extra slot exclusive to the Master Sword.

Great Sky Island Korok seed locations

For these Korok seeds, we’ll be traversing through the Great Sky Island clockwise. You should first complete the entire tutorial before trying to scour Korok seeds. Here’s a map of Korok seeds on Great Sky Island:

A map shows the location of Korok seeds on Great Sky Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

And here’s a gallery of images illustrating their locations, followed by a bulleted list with corresponding instructions on how to get each Korok seed:

  1. On your way to the Temple of Time, at water level at the coordinates (0463, -0882, 1418), there’s a missing bridge pillar. If you stand on it and look up, you’ll notice Korok markings on a plate. Ascend through it.
  2. Around the ground level of the island near its center, at the coordinates (0520, -1322, 1418), you’ll spot a peculiar flower on the ground. Get close to it and follow its trail inside that square-shaped ruin.
  3. At the top of the tree trunk northeast of the Gutanbac Shrine and the Bottomless Cave at the coordinates (0761, -1342, 1603), you’ll find a circle of rocks. There’s one missing — you can use Ultrahand to grab a rock stuck in the ground near the ledge, and place it in the vacant spot.
  4. Following the lower elevation of the southeastern section of the island, near the top of the waterfall, you’ll find a puzzle to solve at the coordinates (0626, -525, 1443), which is fairly straightforward. Just insert the plus shape into the wall with Ultrahand.
  5. Another puzzle, this one is found on plain sight at the end of the bridge northeast of the Mining Cave and northwest of the Pit Cave at the coordinates (0547, -1580, 1482). For this one, make sure to fill the corner with the missing piece, rotating it upside down.
  6. At the top of the hill south of the Pit Cave, you’ll find a dandelion at the coordinates (0622, -1658, 1507). Hit it with any melee weapon and catch it before it touches the ground.
  7. Slightly northwest of the bridge that converges from the island with the Nachoyah Shrine, you’ll see a circular-ish island floating on a higher elevation than the riverbank underneath. Get there, and then dive into the circle of flowers on the water at the coordinates (0308, -1447, 2029) to get the seed.
  8. On the small island underneath the large riverbank north of Nachoyah Shrine, at the coordinates (0418, -1497, 1498), you’ll find a circle of rocks around a large tree. There’s a rock you can use to fill the gap near the western ledge.
  9. Northeast of the Nachoyah Shrine, there’s a large, circle-shaped plateau. Head underneath it (you can follow the mine cart rails for reference) and, once at that lower ground, look for a hole that’s covered with rocks at the coordinates (0446, -1545, 1375). If you haven’t tackled the construct group nearby, it’s right next to them, up the staircase. Break the rocks (there’s a rock nearby that you can fuse to a weapon), and once down below, shoot the floating balloon on the northern end after the ledge to get the seed.
  10. Time to reunite some friends. You begin at the coordinates (0472, -1695, 1442), on the lower island east of Nachoyah Shrine, slightly south of the Forge Construct there. You need to take the Korok to the southern island. For this, you can combine a mine cart with a fan nearby, and then simply take a short trip to the island using the rails. Fairly simple. You’ll then culminate at the coordinates (0446, -1783, 1445), where the Korok friend is.
  11. After you’ve completed the Great Sky Island following the main story, fast travel to the Room of Awakening down south and follow the path opposite to the gateway. In the room where you wake up at the start of the game, at the coordinates (0342, -1756, 2280), you’ll stumble upon a Korok seed — just interact with the floating leaves.
  12. On the same island as the Room of Awakening, head to the top of the tree trunk toward the southern corner of the area. You’ll see a pool of water with a massive leaf in the middle at the coordinates (0376, -1731, 2352). Hop on the leaf, and then examine the floating leaves that sprawl from it to get the seed.
  13. West of the Nachoyah Shrine and Room of Awakening area, there’s a portion of the Great Sky Island with the Pondside Cave. Toward the southeastern corner of it, there’s an open tree trunk at the coordinates (0231, -1647, 1406). Hop inside, use a fire fruit (or any other flame-infused item) to burn the leaves in the center, and pick up the rock.
  14. South of In-isa Shrine, climb the hill to get to a large tree at the coordinates (0024, -1557, 1452). Right on the top, you’ll find a single rock. Pick it up to reveal the seed.
  15. Another Korok delivery. This one begins at a western portion of the island — if you take the large lake as reference looking at the map, follow the riverbank up north, get past the bridge, and then hop on the left side of the river before it takes a right turn. The Korok is at the coordinates (0018, -1262, 1418). In order to get the Korok to the other side, I glued two wood logs together, placed a hook on top of them, and then glued the Korok onto them. Then, place it on the rail, and it should get the Korok to the lone western island. The trip culminates at the coordinates (-0089, -1240, 1406.)
  16. Southwest of Ukouh Shrine, following the riverbank that goes all the way south, you’ll find a seed under a rock at the coordinates (0111, -1081, 1417), overlooking the lake and the tiny bridge.
  17. Northwest of Ukouh Shrine, on that same portion of the island, you’ll find a trail of leaves close to some Zonai structures around the coordinates (0252, -0823, 1443) — follow the leaves until you get the prompt to examine them, and you’ll get the seed.

Hyrule Castle Ruins Korok seed locations

For this one, we’ll start at ground level, following the bridge that crosses the Hyrule Castle Moat. Then, we’ll circle around the castle, going clockwise. This is just so we can get all seeds on the outskirts out of the way. Lastly, head to the castle. We’ll be detailing which floor each of the Koroks are, as well as the coordinates — starting from the south, and going counter-clockwise. To make it easier, you should head over to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower once more, and lift yourself in the air so you can easily glide to the castle grounds.

Here’s a map of Korok seeds in Hyrule Castle Ruins:

A map shows the locations of Korok Seeds in Hyrule Castle Ruins in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

And here’s a gallery of images illustrating their locations, followed by a bulleted list with corresponding instructions on how to get each Korok seed:

  1. Following the bridge from the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins toward the First Gatehouse, around halfway through it, look down to the Hyrule Castle Moat on the left side at the coordinates (-0279, 0608, 0007). There, you’ll notice a circle of flowers on the water. Standing on the ledge of the bridge, go ahead and dive through it to get the seed.
  2. At the first gate of the bridge, still in the Hyrule Castle Moat area, climb to the tower located east at the coordinates (-0237, 0633, 0079). The roof is broken, and lo and behold, there’s a rock to pick up and grab a seed.
  3. The first large barrier you’ll see on your way to the First Gatehouse is determined by the Royal Hidden Passage, south of the Observation Room. Climb to the second tower (starting from the right side while looking at the map) to find an eagle statue at the coordinates (-0265, 0750, 0128). Right at the statue’s tail, you’ll see a pinwheel - stand next to it and then shoot at the three targets that pop out using your bow. The statue might block your shots, so be patient as the balloons will move around.
  4. At the very top of the First Gatehouse, you’ll notice a long spire. Climb it and examine the floating leaves at the coordinates (-0351, 0830, 0180) once you’re close enough.
  5. Northeast of the First Gatehouse, you’ll see a small bridge on the map at the coordinates (-0281, 0844, 0109). There’s a rock right underneath the bridge — you can’t pick it up as it’s caged on both sides, but with the help of Ultrahand, go ahead and lift it up to uncover the Korok.
  6. In the pathway right between the First Gatehouse and the gate that covers the Observation Room area, you’ll spot a path with some water on it. If you’re following the main road, there’s a gap at the coordinates (-0341, 0784, 0075) where you can fall into. There, you’ll find a fairly straightforward puzzle — as a tip, the single block of the missing piece should be aimed downwards.
  7. On the opposite end of the First Gatehouse (yeah, it’s a popular spot for Koroks it seems), there’s a large wall that covers that western side of the area. Head to the other end (so, coming to it from the outside, the western bit, instead of the inside, the eastern bit), and get close to the square-shaped tower on the map. You’ll see a flower on the ground at the coordinates (-0469, 0847, 0100). Get close to it, and it’ll lead you inside that watchtower, culminating at the very end of the pathway at the coordinates (-0429, 0889, 0116.)
  8. In between the large wall that we just crossed and the First Gatehouse, there’s a circular patch of grass on a lower elevation at the coordinates (-0420, 0845, 0085). Touch the grass to reveal a moving Korok, leaving a trail of leaves. Once close, examine it to grab the seed.
  9. Head to the northwestern corner of the area, past the wizzrobe, and close to the ledge overlooking the Hyrule Castle Moat. At the coordinates (-0437, 1115, 0040), drop down and get inside the Lockup area using the hole in the wall. Then, standing next to the pinwheel, shoot the three floating targets. The final spot is at the coordinates (-0436, 1114, 0024), in case it helps.
  10. Northwest of the castle, following ground level and positioning yourself around the pink goo on the map itself, you’ll find a Korok plate at the coordinates (-0303, 1123, 0090). Stand on top of it, and a platform with a target will glow right in front of it. Jump on it before the glow disappears to get the seed. This section culminates at the coordinates (-0285, 1125, 0075).
  11. Following the Hyrule Castle Moat that leads to the castle from the northwestern corner, you’ll find a circle of flowers on the water at the coordinates (-0292, 1130, 0015). Stand on the ledge of the inner walls and dive through the circle to get the seed.
  12. In the northeastern corner of the area, you’ll notice there’s a waterfall that comes from the castle. Then, there are a few smaller pools of water — four of them to be exact — and a small patch of land before hitting the Hyrule Castle Moat. In that patch of land, around the coordinates (-0123, 1194, 0045), you’ll see an acorn chained up underneath the road. Shoot it down to get the seed.
  13. Toward the eastern side of the map, following the same elevation as the Observation Room, you’ll spot a large wall with a tower in the middle — it’s southeast of the large pool of water near the large tower to the left. Climb the tower at the coordinates (-0086, 0870, 0133), and complete the triangle with the missing rock to the right, using Ultrahand or picking it up and dropping it.
  14. At the coordinates (-0126, 0812, 0106), you’ll stumble upon a bridge close to the main tower that’s next to the water on the map. If you look right down below, you’ll find a rock to pick up.
  15. In Hyrule Castle 1F, you’ll encounter the bridge that leads to the castle. Right underneath it, at around the coordinates (-0254, 0942, 0332) when you’re crossing it, there’s a lone rock against the wall on top of a small patch of land. The exact coordinates for the Korok are (-0253, 0943, 0305).
  16. In Hyrule Castle B1, head to the very southwestern corner of the area. Following the dilapidated bridge, you’ll notice a pinwheel at the coordinates (-0360, 0894, 0280). Stand next to it and shoot the targets. They move a lot, but just wait until they’re close to you again.
  17. In Hyrule Castle 1F, follow the road up to the bridge that leads to that last tower on the western side of the area, while looking at the map. There, the tower holds Princess Zelda’s Study. From within, look out the western window and shoot the target at the coordinates (-0392, 0995, 0318). You can also do this from the outside, depending on how you’re approaching the tower.
  18. In Hyrule Castle 1F, at the very top of the tower with Princess Zelda’s Study within, climb the spire and examine the floating leaves at the coordinates (-0383, 0995, 0391) to claim the seed.
  19. In Hyrule Castle 1F, at the top of the tower in the very center of the castle, climb the spire up to the coordinates (-0254, 1061, 0561) to grab the seed from the floating leaves.
  20. In Hyrule Castle 1F, as you’re making your way to the top of the main tower, you’ll encounter a bell at the coordinates (-0259, 1060, 0465). Using Ultrahand, move it to the left, right, and then left to create a pendulum effect and make it ring. After a few seconds, the Korok will appear.
  21. In Hyrule Castle 1F, head to the southeastern corner of the area, following the large wall displayed on the map. At the very end, climb to the top of the tower, which has a large flag waving. At the coordinates (-0085, 0904, 0317), you’ll see a target to shoot (or just hit with a melee weapon, since it’s so close).
  22. In Hyrule Castle B2, right at the very southeastern end of the path, you’ll find a puzzle at the coordinates (-0048, 0980, 0272). For this one, rotate the piece so the cross faces you, and the side of it with the two blocks faces outwards, covering the left side of the structure.

Satori Mountain Korok seed locations

For these Korok seeds, we’ll be delimiting the area using the main road that sprawls from Jeddo Bridge to Manhala Bridge as a delimiter. From the road itself, we’ll be focusing on all the seeds to the left, which are around Satori Mountain and Rutile Lake. You can use the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower to get there faster, too.

Here’s a map of Korok seeds in Satori Mountain:

A map shows the location of Korok Seeds in Satori Mountain in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin/Polygon | Source images: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

And here’s a gallery of images illustrating their locations, followed by a bulleted list with corresponding instructions on how to get each Korok seed:

  1. We’re starting at the top of the Satori Mountain itself at the coordinates (-2278, -0402, 0398). If you’re looking at the map, it’s south of the small pool of water that’s partially covered by the cherry blossom tree. Once at the top, just pick up the rock from the ground.
  2. Now, let’s move clockwise. Southwest of Sonapan Shrine, you’ll stumble upon a pond. Toward the northern side of it, there’s a large tree trunk at the coordinates (-1953, -0408, 0206). If you look at it from the western side, you’ll notice an acorn popping out of it slightly. Shoot it with an arrow or smack it with a melee weapon to unveil the Korok.
  3. Time for a Korok delivery. The trip begins northeast of Sonapan Shrine, at the coordinates (-1796, -0318, 0119). The Korok is down the hill, and the friend is right up the hill. There are a few platforms you can glue together with Ultrahand. I used a balloon and a flame emitter, two items I already had on me, to lift the Korok up. Then, with Ultrahand once more, I dropped the Korok at the campfire. The Korok fell off, but using Recall worked. Of course, that’s only one option, but in case it helps. You’ll then culminate at the coordinates (-1846, -0330, 0162), getting two seeds for your trouble.
  4. East of Sonapan Shrine, and west of Nima Plain, you’ll see a tree displayed on the map at the coordinates (-1740, -0400, 0120). All you have to do here is climb to the top of the tree and lift the rock.
  5. All the way south of Sonapan Shrine, and at almost the same horizontal line as the Rutile Lake, you’ll see a short mountain displayed as a tiny circular shape on the map. The coordinates are (-1969, -0596, 0148), and you just need to lift up the rock at the top to grab the seed.
  6. South of the Satori Mountain itself, you’ll notice a small lake displayed on the map. Head there to find a passage that leads to a bridge of sorts. Once underneath at the coordinates (-2220, -0693, 0205), look at the ceiling to find a Korok platform. Use Ascend to go through it, obtaining the seed once you’re through the other end.
  7. South of the previous Korok, you’ll notice a large tree displayed on the map. Climb to the top of the tree and lift the rock at the coordinates (-2199, -797, 0170) to reveal another seed.
  8. South of the Satori Mountain itself, and southeast of Rutile Lake, you’ll find a short log with three branches at the coordinates (-2351, -0743, 0204). In order to get the Korok, there’s a boulder you can grab downhill, stuck in a hole at the coordinates (-2352, -0841, 0158). Then, using Ultrahand, just take it to the log and place it in between the branches to fill that space.
  9. There’s a lone stump southwest of Rutile Lake at the coordinates (-2602, -0668, 0213). If you look at the group of trees there, the stump is signalized differently on the map, placed almost at the center. Once you find it, lift up the rock inside to grab the seed.
  10. In the center of Rutile Lake, close to where the name it’s displayed on the map, you’ll find a peculiar flower on top of a patch of dirt at the coordinates (-2536, -0629, 0202). Get close to it and then follow it across a few more spots across the shore and then up north, culminating at the coordinates (-2495, -0572, 0205), just north of the lake itself.
  11. All the way north of Rutile Lake, past the trees on the map, you’ll notice a marked circle. Head to (or run up) that hill to find a Korok plate at the coordinates (-2479, -0509, 0222). Once you hop on it, a platform will start glowing in front of you. Using your paraglider, get to the platform before the glow vanishes at the coordinates (-2437, -0552, 0204) to get a seed.
  12. Northeast of Rutile Lake, and right before the ledge that leads to the Tamio River, you’ll notice a pattern of sorts marked on the map at the coordinates (-2716, -0498, 0086) — that’s where we’re heading. The key here is to complete the pattern. There’s a rock you can use at the coordinates (-2690, -0502, 0084). Then, simply place it on the missing gap (on the right “U” of the pattern, looking at the map) to get the seed.

Correction (June 16): An earlier version of this misstated the number of Korok seeds in Breath of the Wild. We’ve updated the story to show the correct number.

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