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All Zonai dispenser locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Get building with all the devices you’ll need

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link standing by a Zonai device dispenser on a Sky Island. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon
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Building any contraption in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom — from a humble air bike to elaborate vehicles and Korok torture devices — will require a hefty stockpile of Zonai devices. Having a few bits and pieces on (Ultra)hand will also dramatically reduce the price of your Autobuild creations. You’ll get those devices from Zonai dispensers scattered around Hyrule’s Sky Islands, Surface, and Depths.

Our Tears of the Kingdom Zonai dispensers guide will show you where to find all 29 Zonai dispensers and list the devices inside each of them so you can find as many balloons, rockets, and steering sticks as you need.

All Zonai devices

There are a total of 27 different Zonai devices you can have in your inventory: balloon, battery, beam emitter, big wheel, cannon, cart, construct head, fan, flame emitter, frost emitter, homing cart, hover stone, hydrant, light, mirror, portable pot, rocket, shock emitter, sled, small wheel, spring, stabilizer, stablilizer, stake, steering stick, time bomb, and wing.

To get them, you’ll have to head to a dispenser and drop in some Zonai charges. One (not large) Zonai charge will get you one device, but dropping in multiple charges will get you bonus devices — five Zonai charges get you 12 devices. A large Zonai charge results in 10 devices, while five Large Zonai charges will get you 60.

Each Zonai dispenser has specific devices in stock. When you drop in Zonai charges (either large or small), you’ll get a random assortment of those devices. That means, if you’re looking to stock up on a specific device, you’ll have to head to one of the specific dispensers that can produce that device.

All Zonai dispenser locations and available devices

There are a total of 29 Zonai dispensers in Tears of the Kingdom. All but five of them are on Sky Islands — there are two in the Depths and three on the Surface of Hyrule.

The table below lists all 29 Zonai dispensers, their coordinates, and which of the 27 different Zonai devices each one contains.

Zelda TOTK Zonai dispenser locations

Location Level Nearest Shrine Zonai Devices available Coordinates
Location Level Nearest Shrine Zonai Devices available Coordinates
Death Mountain Depths Depths Mustis Lightroot Battery, Big Wheel, Portable Pot, Steering Stick 2186, 2634, -0962
Left Leg Depot Depths Muokuij Lightroot Big Wheel, Construct Head, Rocket, Small Wheel, Steering Stick, Wing 1052, -2316, -0552
Bravery Island Sky Simosiwak Shrine Battery, Construct Head, Flame Emitter, Light 0212, 1988, 0755
Courage Island Sky Taunhiy Shrine Balloon, Fan, Portable Pot, Time Bomb -2365, 0786, 0611
East Gerudo Sky Archipelago Sky Rakashog Shrine Beam Emitter, Mirror, Sled, Stake, Steering Stick -1776, -2024, 1148
East Hebra Sky Archipelago Sky Taninoud Shrine Cart, Fan, Light, Sled, Wing -1711, 3373, 0948
Great Sky Island Sky Gutanbac Shrine Fan, Flame Emitter, Portable Pot, Wing 0773, -1265, 1579
Great Sky Island Sky In-isa Shrine Fan, Flame Emitter, Portable Pot 0440, -1680, 1443
Lanayru Sky Archipelago Sky Jirutagumac Shrine Beam Emitter, Cart, Fan, Wing 2914, 0509, 0951
Lightcast Island Sky Ga-ahisas Shrine Balloon, Hover Stone, Mirror, Spring, Wing -3613, 1059, 1656
Necluda Sky Archipelago Sky Kumamayn Shrine Cannon, Light, Small Wheel, Steering Stick 2852, -2951, 1212
North Hyrule Sky Archipelago Sky Mayam Shrine Homing Cart, Light, Shock Emitter, Steering Stick 0435, 2821, 1820
North Necluda Sky Archipelago Sky Josiu Shrine Cannon, Spring, Time Bomb, Wing 1783, -1100, 0918
Sky Mine Sky Gikaku Shrine Homing Cart, Hover Stone, Hydrant, Time Bomb 4554, 2082, 1155
Sokkala Sky Archipelago Sky Natak Shrine Cannon, Cart, Construct Head, Homing Cart, Stake 3749, 1538, 1157
South Eldin Sky Archipelago Sky Kadaunar Shrine Battery, Big Wheel, Fan, Hydrant 1976, 1220, 1251
South Hyrule Sky Archipelago Sky Jinodok Shrine Light, Rocket, Small Wheel, Time Bomb -1219, -1583, 1007
South Lanayru Sky Archipelago Sky Mayanas Shrine Battery, Frost Emitter, Mirror, Wing 4670, -1023, 1789
Starview Island Sky Mayasiar Shrine Frost Emitter, Shock Emitter, Sled, Stablilizer, Stake -3461, -0371, 1943
Tabantha Sky Archipelago Sky Ganos Shrine Frost Emitter, Mirror, Small Wheel, Wing -3457, 0400, 1695
Thunderhead Isles Sky Joku-usin Shrine Battery, Fan, Portable Pot, Shock Emitter 1097, -3334, 0828
Valor Island Sky Sihajog Shrine Beam Emitter, Hydrant, Spring, Steering Stick 4506, -0811, 1117
Wellspring Island Sky Igoshon Shrine Battery, Fan, Hover Stone, Stabilizer, Wing 3436, 0641, 1317
West Hebra Sky Archipelago Sky Ijo-o Shrine Flame Emitter, Portable Pot, Rocket, Time Bomb -3807, 2760, 0702
West Necluda Sky Archipelago Sky Ukoojisi Shrine Balloon, Cart, Construct Head, Hydrant, Stabilizer 1348, -2145, 0585
Zonaite Forge Island Sky Yansamin Shrine Beam Emitter, Flame Emitter, Frost Emitter, Homing Cart, Time Bomb 2325, -1724, 1485
Digdogg Suspension Bridge Surface Riogok Shrine Battery, Big Wheel, Portable Pot, Spring, Stake -1627, -1889, 0002
Kakariko Village Surface Makasura Shrine Balloon, Big Wheel, Fan, Stabilizer 1840, -1086, 0156
Tarrey Town Surface Rasitakiwak Shrine Balloon, Big Wheel, Fan, Rocket, Small Wheel, Steering Stick 3801, 1564, 0091

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